Tom Solid's Digital Journal 2020 - Landscape + Portrait Format

Tom Solid's Digital Journal 2020 - Landscape + Portrait Format

€49,99 €54,99


You will get both versions, landscape + portrait format!

+BONUS Dark Mode Version for landscape

100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product

► NEW - Weekday names on daily view!
► NEW - Week will start Mondays

► Track your yearly Milestones and Highlights
► Track 24 Projects within a dedicated Project section
► Customize your Journal by using 2x10 different note-taking templates that are included for import
► Optimized for Retina Displays
► Best to use with Noteshelf2, GoodNotes, Notability and PDF Expert
► Reach Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily views on any page by a simple tap
► The minimalistic design allows you to focus on what matters, taking notes

► Tom Solid's Digital Journal 2020 - Landscape
► Tom Solid's Digital Journal 2020 - Portrait
► 12 note-taking templates (landscape + portrait)

A minimalistic Digital Journal to focus on the things that matter. Get things done with the project planner and the month, week and day views. Add pages wherever you need to; the journal will stay fully functional.